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Twitter Chats

Join us on Wednesday's for weekly Twitter Chat's using the Hashtag #SMCColumbus

#smcColumbus is a weekly free conversation for marketers The goal is to bring the Columbus marketing community on Twitter together while discussing topics relevant to us as social media marketers.

Upcoming Chat's:

July 10 12p-1p
Mod: @CarolynLKent
Spkr: TBD
 The ROI of Social Media

July 17 12p-1p
Mod: @CarolynLKent
Spkr: TBD
Copywriting for Social Media
Get tips on writing compelling content for short character limitations
July 24 12p-1p
Mod: @CarolynLKent
Spkr: @ryanfrederick,TBD
Social Media, Gamification and Loyalty
Getting beyond badges and points to delivering real value for social communities.

Q & A

So you’d like to try out a Twitter chat, but don’t know where to start? This handy guide should help you get started in 5 minutes or less.
What’s the purpose of a Twitter chat?

Consider it a virtual roundtable – discussion on topics that are of interest to you. You can use Twitter chats as an extension of your professional network. Chats are a way for us to sound off ideas, ask questions, share observations and receive real-time feedback.

How are the chat weekly topics determined?
The topics can either be announced ahead of time (as we do with #smcColumbus), focused on trends of the day, or based on questions submitted by the chat community over the course of the week.

How do I join a Twitter chat?
Follow the hash tag in your Twitter client, and add the hash tag to your tweets if you want to participate in the conversation.

Any tips on participating in a Twitter chat?
Just jump in – respond to messages, share your thoughts on the questions posted by moderators, throw out additional questions. You can also ‘favorite’ tweets that you’d want to go back to, or from someone you’d like to follow after the chat.

If you are worried that excessive tweeting during the chat will irritate your followers, use this technique: start all of your statements with the chat’s handle (@smccolumbus); that way, only people who follow both you and the chat account will see your message. Same applies when you reply to other participants in the chat. If you want to completely separate your chat activities from your regular twitter presence, you can set up a different account for chats only.

What other chats are out there?
There are many chats in the Twitterverse. In addition to #B2Bchat.
•    #pr20chat Tuesday 8 pm ET Community focused on discussing how social media influences PR
•    #IMCchat Wednesday 8 pm ET IMCchat is focused on integrated marketing and communications.
A side benefit of Twitter chats is that they allow you to connect with like-minded people, resulting in a growth of your Twitter network.

With this primer on Twitter chats, we hope you will join us for the next #smcColumbus Chat this Wednesday (holiday's we take off), 12pm EST. And follow @smcColumbus for updates on future chats.

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