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Thursday, 25 July 2013 18:14

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The exciting start of Summer has officially passed and Fall is looming. Now you’re done with school, home shopping, and/or changing jobs. We’ve all experienced change and growth with one simple phrase: out with the old and in with the new. To strengthen our transition spirits, let’s turn to our social networks for inspiration. Check out some of my favorite ways to polish an online presence.

Cleaning up shop.

Job hunting? That’s one of many reasons to open your eyes to the importance of a social media refresh. Even if that only means simply scanning your Facebook timeline and LinkedIn profile once a month to update. Create a Google event to carve out time each month for a clean sweep. Wunderlist is powerfully soothing for keeping track of to-dos and it’s FREE. Need to wrangle all your profiles in one place? Flavors.me is a great tool to use as a creative space if you’re not ready for a personal website.

Stick to what you love.

Think about three topics you’re passionate about then create content around them. We all love posting grumpy cats, our lunch, and selfies. But who really cares besides us? Stick to relevant content about your interests, and try to stay within those parameters to engage with like-minded folks. Pulse is an amazing app to find all the stories you need that will make your audience happy.

Stay connected.

It’s easy to fail spectacularly on social media. A saying that always stayed with me is that posting on social networks without engaging is like silently passing out your business card at a networking event then walking out the door. Help yourself by sharing relevant resources and boosting influencers in an area you’re interested in. Recommend a colleague on LinkedIn or shout-out a friend’s blog. Share and spread the love people.

Professional use of social media is so important when networking in your industry, learning new trends in your field, contributing related content, and building a community. If you have not practiced any of these areas, then you may want to consider refreshing your social networks.

What rituals do you find helpful when polishing your social profiles?

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